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CEO, co-founder and managing partner of local5marketing. At this juncture, her focus is on assisting the small and medium size business owners find their marketing voice on the internet through local, mobile and social media. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Ethics and Pastoral Counseling. These degrees have enhanced Lisa’s ability to listen, understand and create a consultative approach to assisting others to envision and realize their goals. Her creative marketing ideas come from a dynamic understanding of people, their motivations to consider change and take action. Her focus is on helping the consumer realize their values that are being offered and the benefits they will enjoy. Lisa has proven marketing experience with non-profit programs for a number of years, in the forms of networking, public speaking, news letters, outreach, education and fund raising. It has been said “Marketing is sales in content.” Her many years as a “paid by performance” sales consultant speaks to her creative certitude, ease and ability to guide the involved parties to the desired end - a win-win negotiation. Working with entrepreneurs in B2B sales and as an entrepreneur herself, Lisa, has sought to create local5marketing to answer the marketing needs of small and medium size businesses with a trusted, proven web expert, friend and co-founder Dave Ellis. She has been a student of Tony Robbins, Michael Masterson, Laura Betterly of Yada Yada Marketing, Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits and the best teacher of all…life. Lisa lives in the beautiful state of Maine; enjoying family, friends, pets and life’s many simple pleasures.

Eat At Joes = Local, Social, Mobile SEO

Translated: Eat At Joes SEO from a “Road Warrior’s” Perspective

Written by Lisa on May 4th, 2011. Posted in Our Blog

Sometimes, the term search engine optimization, aka SEO, gets lost in translation. Can we parallel SEO marketing traffic on the Web to Main Street America’s current marketing traffic experience? Perhaps understanding, how we once understood marketing, to how we now need to understand the various forms of internet marketing, wouldn’t hurt. What is your hunger, driving motivation and social yearning to get the meat and potatoes of this tangled local, social, mobile SEO Web? Do you want to drive traffic to your business and make more sales?

Enter, center stage, “EAT AT JOE’S”!
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Or, do you want to

When is a Diner not a Diner?

Branding. Why Bother?

Written by Lisa on April 15th, 2011. Posted in Our Blog

marx When is a Diner not a Diner?Branding is the start and end point of a business, that’s what Samantha Hartley, Michael Masterson, Jay Abraham and Seth Godin had to say about branding. Branding allows a business to see themselves as unique, in their being, value and governance.

Brand or be bothered because you haven’t branded. Branding is the compass of a business indicating true north. Like Groucho Marx, in the scene where he is pacing across the room with his iconic smoking cigar in hand, saying; “I think it’s over there!” Then changing direction declares; “No, I think it’s over there.” The sage advice “no matter how far down the wrong road you go, turn back” applies.

Location, Location, Location

Google has changed search engine optimization yet again

Written by Lisa on April 5th, 2011. Posted in Our Blog

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Act fast! Buy it now! That’s what I learned when studying for my real estate license exam. After reading Seth Godin’s blog, I think Google decided there is prime real estate ($$$) in their Google Places Page. Perhaps the strategic question was: “How can we continue to dominate relevant search results and monetize the results?” Hey, let’s list all known businesses on our maps and make it a mobile web site – then we can monetize on selling smart phones, give away the apps then have the business owners run ads on the local and mobile search results. Oh, and lets make sure people know what other customers think of the business so we’ll crawl the web in a flash for social directory reviews.