Mobile Marketing Allows Business Owners to Go ‘Green’ for Their Next Advertising Campaign

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txtn Mobile Marketing Allows Business Owners to Go Green for Their Next Advertising Campaign

(openPR) – CARLSBAD, CA (April 21, 2011) – No paper. No waste. Just a more direct way to connect with consumers. As Earth Day 2011 approaches this April 22, environmentally conscious business owners and consumers continue to more tightly embrace the spread of mobile marketing, the technology that puts the power of advertising in the palm of any consumer’s hand. Literally.

Mobile marketing allows companies to reduce or eliminate the paper waste produced by ad campaigns that lean heavily on the Yellow Pages, direct mail or newspaper advertising, not to mention the inherent print costs associated with those traditional advertising heavyweights. The power shift toward a new advertising champ is in full swing, and more and more business owners everyday are realizing the benefits of mobile marketing technologies such as text message advertising and QR codes. According to Nielsen, 90 percent of the U.S. population – or nearly 280 million people – actively uses text messaging in their daily communications, and advertisers have been quick to learn that the best way to reach a potential customer is through his or her cell phone.

Until recently, such SMS messaging technology was available only to deep-pocket corporations with the resources to obtain their own short code, a reserved number through which they can communicate with consumers. But companies like TXTin Mobile Marketing, a southern California-based small business, now bring shared-short code technology to the small- and medium-business communities, making mobile marketing an attractive option for all. By letting numerous businesses use the same short code via keyword-driven campaigns, TXTin Mobile Marketing provides an invaluable service at an affordable price.
“Mobile coupons are not only green, but make for a better consumer experience,” says David Lewis, who runs TXTin while leaning on experience gained during a successful career with wireless industry giants such as Nokia, Motorola and Verizon Wireless. “A restaurant owner can fire out a lunch special coupon just before noon, and potential customers wondering where to eat can respond. People are used to instant communication in their lives. Why should communicating with advertisers be any different?”

And why should advertising be harmful to the environment? With mobile marketing it doesn’t have to be. Earth Day 2011 is fast approaching. The future of advertising has arrived.

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